Thakur Savadekar & Co. Langar Bidi


Shri Govindrao Beniram Thakur
The origin of Thakur Savdekar & Co. Pvt. Ltd. goes back to the year 1930 in Pune. The visionaries of Thakur Savadekar Company: Shri Govindrao Beniram Thakur, Shri Narayan Beniram Thakur and Shri Kisanrao Beniram Savadekar, established the company with great values and a sharp vision with a single minded focus. In the initial stage they did not have enough funds at their disposal. They walked through the ‘Tendu’ leaf jungles for study and research. With sheer hard work and determination they overtook all obstacles. They had to do everything on their own right from manufacturing to marketing, distribution and sales. They even went to sell bidis on bicycles to nearby villages. They worked hard and gained popularity at the time when there was no advertising. The next generation: Shri. Jayantro Govindrao Thakur, Vasantrao (Tattya Saheeb) Govindrao Thakur and Shri Shashikumar(Rajabhau) Savadekar, joined them and led the business strongly.


History of the company at a glance:

YEAR 1916: Name of the Company was “N.B. Thakur”.
YEAR 1930: The name changed to “Thakur Savadekar and Company”, which was a partnership firm.
YEAR 1975: The Company was registered as a “Thakur Savadekar and Company Ltd.”, due to high turn over.
YEAR 2001: It’s well known today as “Thakur Savadekar and Company Pvt. Ltd.”

At present the company is running with more than 50000 employees – direct and indirect. The company is also going to diversify its business.